Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Stolen Honor

The words and actions of John Kerry stand for themselves, what he did, and what he claimed as a VVAW. You can hear and see this for yourselves, three minutes and 52 seconds of John Kerry selling out his fellow military

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Source: Free Republic

And read this, written by Laura Armstrong and distributed by Power Line, daughter of one of those military that Kerry talked so kindly about, and tell me who has the greater integrity:

Black Bart, my dad, distinguished himself in the battle of the Ia Drang first in 1965, when he was Charlie Battery commander for the 2nd of the 20th First Air Cav. . . .Like so many of you, Black Bart volunteered for a second tour and served as Battalion Cmdr. of the 4th of the 77th 101st Airborne. Just before Thanksgiving, 1968, we learned he was shot down and reported missing while taking out an enemy gun emplacement. That dreaded knock on the door came during The Macy’s parade, the memory of that seared forever in my brain.

And speaking of SEARED, ironically, dad’s funeral was held almost the same time a young John Kerry was seeing the doc about a splinter, and requesting his first purple heart.

Please let me emphasize… there are worse things than losing your dad in a war. I soon realized that the myths and lies created by people with political agendas can be far more hurtful. It was bad enough to hear our dads criticized by those who hated the military, but to hear Kerry and his radical veterans distort the truth and tarnish every honorable action caused a righteous hurt and anger. Their lies dominated in the American dialogue, while your stories of valor went untold. Sound familiar?

What John Kerry and his political backstabbers did in the early ‘70s took no courage. It simply took a ringleader with access to Teddy Kennedy and the willingness to sacrifice truth and honor. More than any other person, that ringleader, Kerry, was responsible for the atmosphere of hatred and disdain you all came home to.

I believe you didn’t complain because nothing like this had occurred before you. Kerry’s traitorous testimony in ’71…was an unforgettable moment that cut deep through the ranks, as we’ve heard here today. But you all had lives to build, and so you did, putting the past behind you. You tolerated the lies and stereotypes all these years. But today, this guy has made it this far in the political process -- and we stand here to object.

Let’s remind Americans this is NOT a squabble between America’s veterans, as so many talking heads want people to believe. This is about the CHARACTER AND JUDGEMENT OF one man-- John Kerry. This is about holding him accountable for his actions, especially now in a time of war and when the well-being of our military is at stake. There is no statute of limitations when the honor of a generation has been grievously stomped upon.

While debates might rage about Kerry’s short tour of duty, we’re only concerned here with irrefutable facts. This is not my opinion….these are facts:

Donna Rowe saved a beautiful baby girl.
Jim Warner overcame 6 years of captivity by the enemy.
Some daddies didn’t come home.
And Lt. John Kerry flew out of Vietnam after just a few short weeks in combat, Super 8 film in the can, and testified that those with whom he served were ALL murderers, rapists and criminals.
That’s on the record.

We are not here to re-fight the Vietnam war or even defend it. We are here to tell America that John Kerry did not have to attack the warriors to protest a war. Whatever his motivations back then, he showed he believes the means justify the ends, and everyone else be damned. Is this the kind of president we need today?

And we’re here in solidarity with our newest soldiers. We don’t want them having to salute a commander in chief whose respect for the troops is proven to blow with the political winds. We need a leader, not a weathervane.

It’s worth repeating over and over. We are motivated by a deep concern for our country. We are NOT playing politics, but venting our hearts. . . .Here’s a man who claims to be pro-military, yet his life’s work has shown otherwise. It cannot be denied or spun or revised by journalists.

When Lt. Kerry left the battlefield and betrayed you, he chose his path – weak on defense, anti-military. And he carries on, alternately boasting and bashing, voting for and against. In fact, his lies about the troops are perpetuated even in his NEW book “Tour of Duty”, written just last year. Listen to this line, from page 211 that expresses his attitude towards Cobra gunship pilots: “It disturbed (Kerry) that even a few trigger happy American yahoos considered killing Vietnamese civilians a sport."

TRIGGER HAPPY YAHOOS, MR. KERRY? How could anybody who really understands our military, say that about these fine young pilots?

So the pattern is clear: Kerry is the architect and perpetrator of one of the largest continuing slanders against American troops. He smeared you then, he is smearing the Swiftees today, and he will call us all liars tomorrow. His deceit and vindictiveness are fact.

I want you to know, some of us never questioned the character of the Vietnam veteran. You are the protectors -- the heroes from everyday America who answered your country’s call. And you’ve earned your right to speak, even 35 years later.

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