Saturday, October 30, 2004


Terrorists For Kerry

Patriot Edition via Free Republic

Bin Laden Influencing Election... But in who's favor?

That liberal media...

It's so easy to surf the web and find headlines such as this one:

Bin Laden Tape Seen by World as Attempt to Influence U.S. Election

The hard part is, putting together the specifics. It's sort of like the writers don't want to just come out and say who Bin laden is rooting for, so they reveal the story in codes, kind of.

Here are some quotes from various news stories:

I mean, it's amazing... Every single article tells of how Osama is trying to influence the vote, yet, it fails to just come out and tell us the truth.


Just face the music, guys, Osama bin laden is on the same side of the issue with you democrats who hate Bush. Osama bin laden and John Kerry both have very similar resentments towards our President.

Osama wants to influence the election, yes, indeed. These words are true. Now, why not tell us who Osama would like to see win the election? Read all the articles yourselves. It's clear that Osama is threatening more violence against us so as long as our policies on terror stay the same. Osama wants Bush to lose.

Code it all you want. The answer is obvious.

Billy Kess

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