Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Think about it....

If one thing is clear about Kerry and the DNC, it is their support of dead babies, even if it is coerced in the midst of a criminal act against the woman's will. While the democrat activists all across the country shriek in horror at Iraq, and the media wing of the DNC shows fallen soldiers on television, they never show the roughly twice as many faces killed in the September 11th terrorist attacks. And still worse yet, as the democrat activists shriek aboutt the horrors of Iraq, and pretend they are concerned about fallen US Troops, they support the slaughter of roughly 40 million babies to date under their beloved "Roe v. Wade" judicial activism.

Who among them is there to weep for the unborn?
Who among them will cry for the generation decimated by over a third?
Who among them will mourn for the leaders snuffed out before they could lead, the healers destroyed before they could heal, the artworks uncreated, the truths untaught?

Just something to think about...

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