Saturday, October 30, 2004


Thinking about Qualms....

Recently read something where people confuse prudential judgement about war with the call to always protect life.

Occasionally, there may be some wiggle room. But the real thing comes down to this:

Who are the most defenseless?

The unborn (and there is no prudential judgement involved in protecting them. We are obligated, if catholic to protect the unborn).

Who will die in greater numbers?

The unborn. One day's worth of abortion in this country is more than our forces have lost in the war - it averages about 4,000 lost children, I read recently.

Everything else is quibbling, excuses and refusal to see. Voting pro-choice is voting pro-death, and for a Catholic who is trying to live in the bounds of church teaching, voting pro-choice is to cooperate with evil.

Anything else is making a deal with the darkness.

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