Thursday, October 21, 2004


Two World Views

This nation, and perhaps much of the world in general is polarizing in two camps, notes Little Red Blog in a piece called "A Divided World| A Divided Nation"

It's worth reading. I give you a sample of it:

President Bush, his supporters, and like-minded people around the world, are the leading proponents for the liberty of man over the limitations of societal whimsy. The President represents a belief that the individual determines his success or failure not the government or the collective view its citizens. He espouses entrepreneurial effort, a disciplined work ethic, self-reliance and a value system that honors rather than limits man’s capacity to succeed. The Senator from Massachusetts offers the more globally prevalent, socialist inspired view which has led to the decline of Western European influence, economic stagnation, moral ambivalence and stirred the more base nature of man to prominence and broad acceptance.

Much of the election this year will determine where, over the next four years, the US will stand on that divide. The US is also quite divided on this issue, and the results of the election will help define, not only by laws passed but by judges and other appointments made, where we are likely to be headed on this breakdown in the near future.

Natural law, American sovereignity, and respect for man's higher nature, or socialistic stagnation of the type that led to the Oil for Food Scandal, where because people had no absolutes, it really didn't matter if they were helping Saddam and taking food out of children's mouths and corrupting the system.

Read it, think about it, decide.

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