Tuesday, October 19, 2004


The Unmentionable Perception

From Atlas Blog

This is the elephant in the room that the President’s campaign cannot mention: a vote for Kerry is a vote to hand the terrorists a mighty public relations and recruiting victory.

No matter what Kerry would do in the war on terror, or what he says he would do, it is beyond dispute that he is seen in the world as the “anti-war” candidate. This, of course, results from Kerry’s “wrong war” rhetoric, among many other comments. Thus, the terrorists and the rest of the world see this election as a referendum on America’s resolve, and a reflection on the success or failure of the terror campaign of bombings and beheadings.

And add to this a long history of being anti-military and anti-war, where it has become such a reflex of his to vote against the troops, how can anyone honestly think that he could lead a war?

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