Friday, October 15, 2004


Using Fairness to Justify Wrongness

Recently, we've been seeing a lot of lawbreaking in the name of fairness. Political signs stolen and defaced, with one woman claiming she was merely exercising her right to free speech by defacing other people's hundred dollar poltical signs. A student at Chapel Hill thought nothing of buring someone else's flag to make a point. Strong arm tactics were used to intimidate people working in GOP offices last week so the AFL-CIO could prove a point. All over the country case after case of voter fraud is adding up.

Why? Because they claim the Republicans intimidate voters. Because they have turned the republicans into a mythic monster that combines the worst of Stalin, Hitler and Satan, and some of them even believe it.

We saw the Republicans are the Boogy-man in action yesterday, when Drudge leaked a page from the Democratic Action manual, which said, even if there was no proof of irregularities, do a pre-emptive strike.

In Colorado, according to the Rocky Mountain News, "a press release from the Colorado Democrats on Wednesday looked straight out of the playbook.

After Secretary of State Donetta Davidson and Gov. Bill Owens, both Republicans, said anyone caught defrauding the voter registration process would be prosecuted, the Democrats shot out a statement decrying Davidson's and Owens' remarks as "voter intimidation."

Since when is it Voter Intimidation to tell people to obey the law about voting?

Mostly it looks like, "Anything I want to do is right because you are a bad guy."

When the means justify the ends, there is always a price that is paid.

When the trust in the American electoral process breaks down, what price are we going to pay?

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