Saturday, October 30, 2004


What is real vs. the Wannabee Kingmakers

I have just seen something truly heart wrenching.

This is what we have been fighting for and about.

This is what the evilness of man will do when unchecked.

Hey, Mainstream Media! Where were you to show us the heartbreak as they uncovered the thousands and thousands of dead buried in Saddam's Iraq?

You were too busy looking for something to play kingmaker with.

Go to Varifrank's site and see what the real evil is. I leave you with one picture to lead you there:

a second

The pictures that follow aren't Hollywood, they are real. All too real I am afraid. And shame on us all for forgetting the cost they paid before we finally put a stop to it.

I want you to look. Take a deep,long look. These are not cartoons, or Speilbergian Special Effects. These are people. Fellow human beings every bit as deserving of our care as the haunting souls who walked out of the gates of Dachau.

While looking at each of the pictures that follow, for each of the bodies you see, say quietly to yourself, "father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt". Repeat this process 300,000 times.

Welcome to the horror of Saddams Iraq.

Behold!, Dear reader and despair:

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