Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Who Sustains The West?

In LOTR, the hobbits didn't really understand that their enclave existed in large part because the existanceof the Rangers of the north kept the bad guys under control.

I read this today, and realized that a lot of our indulgent, me-centered narcisstic western society rests on the hard hand of those who are prepared and are the modern rangers:

The Euros and their American imitators deny that Western civilization survives because the hard-pressed American taxpayer maintains 12 aircraft carrier battle groups, an incredibly lethal air force, and divisions of superbly trained and motivated marines and soldiers ready, willing and demonstrably able to reach out and “touch” any corner of the globe. Diplomad via MartiniPundit

And now those of the anti-American mindset want to bring down the house of that which sustains their way of life. Happy Dark Age if they succeed! And don't count on an Aragorn and Gandalf to step out of the doesn't usually work that way.

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