Thursday, October 21, 2004


Wish I had said that....

Why Bush? Conviction. Leadership. He's real. And Kerry's a flying catastrophe looking for a place to land.

What's wrong with Kerry? Today I want to focus on Kerry's supporters. I shudder to think what life in America would be like with those people in ascendant positions. Truth would be a very flexible and rare commodity in their hands.

Truth is what we get from Bush. What we get from Kerry and from those who support him is something entirely else. We get elitist interpretations (that's what us common folk used to call "lies"). Distortion, shading, nuance, parsing words, all these have truck with Kerry's flying bandwagon. Media and celebrity pundits specialize in it; they believe the masses are too dumb to figger out these compalakated things fer themselfs.

Ebenezer Stone

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