Thursday, October 21, 2004


Yearning for the Mud

You have to read all of this piece at the American Digest.

I will give you a bit of it:

These are people consumed by a twisted ideology that has been thriving under the protection of freedom for so long, they do not even realize that what they advocate is the defeat and destruction of that freedom that allows them to live as degenerate a lifestyle as they like. It's not often that the internal self-loathing of millions is expressed in a serious run at the Presidency, but that's what we're seeing now; the therapeutic culture with teeth on fire.

It is not only dangerous, it is also embarrassing, and becoming more so by the day. What can at last be heard is the sotto voce DeanScream in the now panicked posturing of John Kerry and his lunatic wife.

Listen and you will hear the rantings of people so wealthy, and so deep in the bubble of wealth, that they have no hope of seeing how perverted their ideology actually is when compared to the reality of the world around them. Having wealth that they did not earn but obtained by accident and marriage makes them self-denying when it comes to realizing their own net-worth has no bearing on their self-worth. In addition, they will have been careful to surround themselves with sycophants in order that their mellow never be harshed.

Read all of it here.

Thank you, Right on Red for telling us about it!

You know, until it specifically mentioned Kerry I wasn't sure which one of the candidates this article was referring to - if not both! You basically have two millionaires neither of which made the cash themselves, although GW seems to be the better one at burning it.

And there are enough people that think that GW has a "twisted ideology" and a "degenerate lifestyle". So I can't say I'm impressed by the article at all. Sorry.
Well, I do.

And thanks for the link.
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