Sunday, November 28, 2004


And this person is allowed to instruct others, mind you....and get paid quite well for it.

Andrew Bolt reports:

PETER Singer, once a Greens candidate and now our most famous philosopher, has changed his mind on killing babies.

Good news, you might think, since this author of Animal Liberation used to say parents had a right to kill imperfect children in their first month of life. But in fact he's now told World magazine it would be ethically fine to kill even one-year-olds with disabilities. Or even to breed babies for spare parts.

And Singer, now a professor at Princeton, continues his spiral into the moral abyss, by adding "there's no moral problem" with someone having sex with the corpse of their lover, or "nothing wrong inherently in a moral sense" with having sex with an animal.

But I believe consent must be obtained. Does one baa mean yes?

Singer proves yet again that those who demand that animals be treated like humans, are in fact demanding that humans be treated like animals. No wonder he approves us culling our runts, and putting to sleep our aged.

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