Tuesday, November 09, 2004


An Example of How Some, Without Thinking, Work to Destroy Western Culture

Angry parents and grandparents are letting Verizon Communications know they don't like a new Verizon DSL commercial that makes fun of fathers.

Glenn Sacks, a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, urged his listeners to call Verizon, after learning about a TV ad that shows a father trying, but failing, to help his young daughter with her homework.

The daughter, annoyed by her father, looks to her mother for intervention. The mother tells the father to go wash the dog, orders him to leave the daughter alone, and then yells at him when he is slow to comply, Sacks said.

Sacks told listeners that he "doesn't think Verizon means any harm." But he said it appears that the company - like some others -- has developed a "moral blind spot towards disparaging males."

According to Sacks, "Research shows how indispensable fathers are to their children's well-being....it is tremendously damaging to convince kids that their father is an idiot or that fathers are worthless."

Sacks said he initiated the "call-Verizon" campaign after being contacted by a Texas grandmother who said she had been rebuffed by Verizon when she complained about the ad.

"Our culture should be long past portraying men, and particularly fathers, as fools a la Homer Simpson, said Michael McCormick, executive director of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.

Source CNS

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