Monday, November 29, 2004


Political Correctness, Marxism, and the Attack on American History and Values

Frank Salvato writes:

Political correctness is literally a form of cultural Marxism. Where Marxism is an economic-political doctrine, political correctness is a cultural-political doctrine. They are both totalitarian. They are both dangerous. The fact that political correctness is derived from Marxism is the last thing that its supporters want you to know. Left to their ways, whether knowingly or unknowingly, these tools of Marxism would eventually rewrite our nation’s history to reflect their neutered, genderless, religion-less and factually perverted version of how we came to be.

In the Cupertino Union School District of California there exists just such a ‘tool’ in Principal Patricia Vidmar. Where almost 100% of the principals in our education system are derived from its compliment of teachers we can argue that Vidmar is heavily influenced by the politically correct champion of left-leaning educational philosophies, the NEA.

Vidmar and the Cupertino Union School District are currently being challenged in court for not allowing a teacher to hand out supplemental literature to students about American History because the historical documents contain references to “God.” This is disturbing and a blatant example of the encroachment of political correctness into our history. More stunning and enraging is the fact that the supplemental literature in question is the United State’s Declaration of Independence.

Alliance Defense Fund Senior Counsel Gary McCaleb said, "Throwing aside all common sense, the district has chosen to censor men such as George Washington and documents like the Declaration of Independence." He further stated, "The district's actions conflict with American beliefs and are completely unconstitutional." He was being nice.

Trying to manipulate our country’s history through political correctness is despicable. Nauseatingly, it happens all the time and more often than not in California where the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reigns. But censoring, effectively outlawing, our Declaration of Independence from the classrooms of our schools in an effort to be politically correct is tantamount to a direct attack on our country by Marxism. Make no mistake, this censorship; the outlawing of one of our founding documents was deliberate. Vidmar is a traitor guilty of sedition and should be held accountable for her actions....Words, sentiments and ideology are just as lethal as the bullet, knife or bomb. Nazi Germany stands in testament to that.

The first shot of the War on Political Correctness has been fired and their target is our Declaration of Independence.
This is not the first comment I've posted here about this issue, and I know the story has been broadly blogged, and even people who might not mention something political have talked about it. Why? Because it strikes at the heart of our founding ideas and concepts, of the definition of what America is and who were the people who set us on this track. To whitewash it so children don't see the word God is to work for the functional establishment of Atheism as the national religious belief system.

In case you are interested, the phone and fax number of the school is:

Main Telephone Number: (408) 245-3312
Fax Number: (408) 245-7484

Email: (school)



10300 Ainsworth Dr
Cupertino, CA 95014

Cupertino School Board : William Bragg, Superintendent :
School Board : Pearl Cheng, Chairman Ben Liao Josephine Lucey Gary McCue George Tyson
Cupertino School Board 10301 Vista Dr Curpetino, CA 95014 408-252-3000

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