Sunday, November 07, 2004


Something to consider

TWO things happened on Tuesday night: George W. Bush won the election decisively, and John Kerry and the Democrats lost the election decisively. That’s what a close study of the final vote tally reveals. On Tuesday, 9 million more votes were cast than in 2000. On Tuesday, Bush received 8.3 million votes more than he did in 2000. John Podhoretz

What this says is that getting out the vote doesn't automatically favor the liberal cause if the liberal cause is not seen by those voters as right.

We pride ourselves on our democracy, and rightly so. We had a huge voter turnout. It is people power in action. Anybody who wants to play games with the final results isn't celebrating people power - such a person would be trying for force the will of a minority on a very clear majority. That is not the American way. The American way is to say, well, they didn't buy my message. What is it that I can work on now - care for the poor? Educational reform? Watchdogging the war on Iraq? That would be the American way.

Time to get busy. There's a democratically based republic to run.

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