Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Tidbits here, tidbits there....


Poliblog notices that Kerry would need 90% of the provisional ballots to break his way to win (and that assumes that they are all valid). (He covers this part of the story very well, and has several entries on it.

According to the Corner, CNN just reported that of the first 20,000 provisional Ohio ballots counted that 2/3rd went to the President. Don’t know where they got that information.

A CBS connection with the exit polls? There are two companies that did it, but one of them is
Mitofsky International.

From 1967 to 1990, Mitofsky was executive director of the CBS News election and survey unit, and was an executive producer of its election night broadcasts. He conducted the first exit polls for CBS in 1967, and developed the projection and analysis system used successfully by CBS and Voter News Service. He started the CBS News/New York Times Poll in 1975 and directed it for CBS for its first 15 years.

Wonder if that had anything to do with the weighted (and they were weighted towards groups that were heavily in favor of Kerry if you look at their breakdown) exit polls designed to make Kerry look like he was taking it all?

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