Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Which rights are people wanting?

Last year the pro-abortion Center for Gender Equity published a survey of women showing the startling result that, of all the "top priority" issues for the women's movement, "keeping abortion legal" ranked dead last. The survey also showed that a majority of women -- 51 percent -- believe that abortion should never be permitted, or permitted only in cases of rape, incest, or life endangerment (2 percent of abortions yearly).

More good news comes from the recent Pace University/Rock the Vote poll. "Rock the Vote" was launched by MTV in 1992 to get young people to register to vote. And where do these super-hip-MTV-rock-the-voters stand on abortion? According to their own poll, 54% of them are pro-life.

It shouldn't have surprised us that "moral values" came first.

Source, Cathy Cleaver Ruse, via FR

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