Monday, December 27, 2004


Helping the Victims of the Indonesian Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Places you can give donations or learn how you can help. These are groups that have announced plans to help the earthquake victims. As people come back from the holiday and get organized, I am sure the call for help will get even more responses, but here are some places asking for help as they help others NOW.


Care USA

Mercy Corps

Save the Children

Center for International Disaster has a list of agencies involved and some good info on what and how to donate

hi there
I am from malaysia but have been in the US for a year now. Thank God my family is safe, but i really feel for the survivors/victims. I have also put up a link to charities/bodies seeking relief aid and it's from a BBC newsource that i'd like to share with you and which you might want to put up on your site too

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