Sunday, December 19, 2004


Interesting News Bits

Time Magazine names President Bush as man of the Year

In a story that I thought could get no stranger, it seems like the woman who is suspected of killing Bobbie Jo Stinnett and taking her baby not only tried to pass the baby off as one she had to her husband, and also showing the baby off at a restaurant and to her pastor. She had evidently been telling people she was pregnant.

There is a major slump in world coffee prices. As usual, this seems to affect the farmer, who we empathize with, much more than it does the grocery store prices. I remember an old comedy skit about "Juan Valdez" growing his coffee beans while his neighbors got rich off of growing coca and marijuana...I wonder how some of these farmers handle the pressure not to do something else to make a living.

Kris asks this question: How can campus liberals be so focused on showing tolerance and promoting diversity and then turn around and be so intolerant of people who add to the diversity of ideas on campus? Are they really so shallow that diversity only means the color of someone's skin? I don't have the answer to that one.

Senior Al Quada figure
is talking about how Bin Laden was trying to make a dirty bomb.

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