Saturday, December 18, 2004


It's like...

It's like sending an army out with body bags but no medics , my husband said when he heard about this. I was reading Alexa's neat blog, Birth Story, when I ran across this article.

It's the fact that student insurance at Yale, like a number of other colleges, funds abortions for students, but has no maternity coverage.

Feminists for Life point out:
"When students receive positive results on a pregnancy test, campus health clinic staff too often say ‘I'm sorry' and automatically refer women to abortion clinics," said Serrin Foster of Feminists for Life. "Women need to know the rest of their choices, including single parenting, married parenting, and adoption options."

At Harvard, pro-life students can get a small rebate from the university if they don't want their student fees used to pay for abortions.

Meanwhile, at Columbia University, a nurse practitioner told the student newspaper that most Columbia students who become pregnant choose abortion.

Feminists for Life has developed a college outreach to help women know their options and choices, and not be railroaded into something that they might regret later.
Check their website out here.

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