Monday, December 20, 2004


PC Freedom of Speech

Kathleen Antrim discusses the new paradigm of the new approach to PC and public speech in her essay, Silencing America.

The First Amendment is being redefined. Freedom of speech and tolerance for diversity of thought and ideas now include lists of dos and don’ts. The official list of don’ts includes not saying “God” in public, certainly not on government property like a school.

In Cupertino, California, a fifth-grade teacher has been banned from using the Declaration of Independence as an educational supplement because God is mentioned in the document. This, folks, is the thought police in action, under the guise of separation of church and state. And they are silencing America.

Don't use any symbol that suggests religion, with the exception of Islam, which is part of the California seventh-grade curriculum.

My daughter’s cheerleading squad planned to put up a Christmas tree in the high school courtyard that said “All I want for Christmas is the NCS Football Championship.” This idea was quickly squashed by administrators because not everyone celebrates Christmas. So, instead of being welcome to express themselves, and welcoming others to do the same, they were silenced.

The list of don’ts includes listening to or verbalizing diverse ideas, or concepts with which the "group" doesn’t agree. Doing so will provoke the thought police.

In many ways, this is the lessening of America. And that is sad.

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