Wednesday, December 15, 2004



The Christmas Season War continues! Here's the latest installment from Jacksonville Florida:
From First Coast News, which also has pictures and video
JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A Christmas tree that decorated the lobby in new federal courthouse downtown has been removed.

Late last week the Government Services Administration, the agency that maintains the building, acted on direction from the Chief Judge to pull the tree. A lighted snowman, reindeer and sleigh has replaced the tree.

A spokesperson for the GSA could not give specifics on why the tree was taken down. Gary Mote who handles Public Affairs from the Southeast Sunbelt Region says the decision was to "...make sure no one is offended."

The artificial tree that was decorated with non religious ornaments has been placed in storage.
I am offended that a court would consider that my being offended at the removal of holiday symbols, especially one as non-religious as a Christmas tree doesn't count as much as the offense as someone who doesn't like or feel like celebrating the holiday season, particularly since this is a recognized federal holiday. We're not talking about a nativity scene here, folks. We're talking about an artificial tree with non-religious ornaments, which is the main non-religious symbol of the holiday in this country.

If you would like to make your opinion known on this particular issue, here is some contact information:

United States Courthouse
300 North Hogan Street
Suite 9-150
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

The Honorable Harvey E. Schlesinger
TEL: 904/549-1990

(there are more justices. Check the website.)

Webpage for the Floria Middle District Federal Courts

GSA Info

Gary Mote
(404) 331-2774

GSA's homepage is:

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