Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Tragedy Redux

One of my pet sayings is that there is so much tragedy in the world, that even if no one ever did an evil thing to anyone, there would still be plenty to grieve over. This week has showed us that in plenty.

But people do evil things. And sometimes, we don't really understand why. If you'd been following the tragic death of Bobby Jo Stinnet, you might find this article interesting. I didn't know several facts about the case, and this piece explores some of the depths of evil that people, for whatever reason will sink to:

Back in the spring as Bobbi Jo excitedly shared the news that she was pregnant with Lisa, Montgomery announced to her own husband, Kevin Montgomery, and to her own friends and neighbors, that she was pregnant. She would give birth, she told them, sometime around the end of December—using the general information provided to her by Stinnett. I wonder if Montgomery thought about the irony of Goodson killing Simpson a year earlier—in December?

Read it all here.

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