Saturday, January 01, 2005


Politics of Human Misery

A couple of editorials running about people using the disaster to make political hay:

Odious tsunami politics and IT'S ABOUT THE TRAGEDY

When you sit down to dinner today, watching the sports, sitting in your comfortable rooms, think about those standing in line for dried noodles and rice handouts, where basic things like food and water and how to keep one's waste from making people sick all the while they are in deepest grief. The new year which looks comfortable for you is one earthquake or flood or fire away from being in similar situations.

It is sad when people use these things as stepping stones, right or left, as ways of beating up one's enemy or gaining political clout.

May this new year see all of us finding ways of bridging the walls we make and learning how we are part of an extended human family, each with our own value, worthy of life and hope and a reasonable tomorrow. In our struggles to help shape our world in the way we think it ought to go, may we never forget that it is real people who are affected by the choices we make.

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