Sunday, February 20, 2005


Linguistic games we play...

J.B. Williams on using language to disguise things:

The problem with political correctness is, has always been and will always be the results. Calling something ill conceived or evil by a friendlier more acceptable name has a tendency to make the act itself seem more friendly and acceptable. Do we have compassion for terrorists? No… But insurgents? Sure… it almost sounds patriotic to be an insurgent, doesn’t it?

Would we support a “pro-infant-murder” movement? No, so we call it “pro-choice” and by doing so, it makes a heinous act sound reasonable, worthy of defense.

Coalition forces went out of their way, taking additional casualties to avoid firing upon terrorists intentionally hiding in mosques. But these insurgents, alleged Muslim jihadists, they didn’t think twice about attacking innocent civilians in those mosques did they?

That’s because they are not insurgents rising up against some brutal tyrannical regime. They are just common terrorists attacking innocent Iraqi men, women and children. They have no respect for human life, their fellow countrymen or their religion.

So we need to stop kidding ourselves. We need to stop referring to common terrorists as insurgents. We need to stop calling their heinous acts by a nicer name, justifying their tactics and motives as if they demonstrate anything honorable.

The use of the term insurgents in this case in not only inappropriate, it’s an outright lie and it’s dangerous…

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