Thursday, February 03, 2005


More Interesting news about stem cell research

Political rhetoric aside, there has been some really fascinating research going on with all types of adult and cord stem cell research, and much of it very favorable, without ethical problems, without the instability of embryonic cells or their cancer risk. If I were investing money, I would be investing it on the adult stem cell research, just because so much good is happening so fast. Here's another story about it:

New Bone Marrow Stem Cell has all the Flexibility of Embryonic Cells

BOSTON, February 2, 2005 ( - A type of adult stem cell has been isolated from bone marrow that shows all the characteristics of human embryonic stem cells. A team of researchers at Boston’s Tufts University have found cells that come from adult donors that can change into many, if not all of the different types of tissue in the human body. It was previously thought that only embryonic cells could produce this.

The cells were tested on rats with heart damage and some changed into heart muscle tissue to directly repair damage, and others went to form new blood vessels. Treated rats had more than twice the number of blood vessels and less scar tissue than those of the control group.

Tufts cardiologist Dr. Douglas W. Losordo said, “I think embryonic stem cells are going to fade in the rearview mirror of adult stem cells.” He said that bone marrow “is like a repair kit. Nature provided us with these tools to repair organ damage.”

Scientists have long sought approval for using embryo-derived stem cells since, they say, such cells have the potential to be used for an almost limitless number of applications. Some researchers, however, have admitted that embryo stem cells, while theoretically able to change into almost any kind of tissue, are extremely hard to control and are unlikely ever to have any practical therapeutic application because of the medical dangers they pose to patients. However, embryonic stem cell research is seen to be a potentially far more lucrative source of financial profit for researchers and drug companies.

Many reports have come out recently showing the nearly universal flexibility of certain types of adult stem cells. These also avoid any ethical problems and do not pose medical dangers from immune system rejection. Stem cells derived from bone marrow are showing more and more promise and do not have the tendency, as do embryo stem cells, of developing into tumors.

Dr. Losordo added that the newly discovered bone marrow cells are easy to grow and maintain in the lab. “We've got freezers full of these things now,” he said.

(emphasis added. Source: LifeSiteNews)

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