Friday, February 25, 2005


Some followup on the tsunami

It is mindboggling the loss. In Aceh province, which got some of the worst of the earthquake and tsunami damage, Reliefweb sit report number 30 passes the following information:

The latest figures from BAKORNAS (24 Feb.), on the human toll of the earthquake and Tsunami for Aceh Province indicate 123,597 bodies have been buried, 113,937 are missing and 400,901 are displaced. For Northern Sumatra Province, BAKORNAS reported that 19,620 are displaced. Meanwhile, the numbers of people buried and missing remain at 130 and 24.

In Indonesia alone, that makes for about a quarter of a million dead or probably dead, and nearly half a million displaced.

We need to remember them. Their disaster is not yet over. The article from Relief Web has more information.

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