Friday, March 04, 2005


Diversity vs. Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech

RALEIGH (AP) — The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill must recognize a Christian fraternity that has waged a legal fight challenging the school's nondiscrimination policy.

The preliminary injunction issued by U.S. District Court Judge Frank W. Bullock Jr. will remain in place until the case is resolved, possibly by trial.

Alpha Iota Omega was stripped of its status as an official campus group because the fraternity wont accept nonbelievers or gay students. The university revoked the recognition after fraternity members refused to sign the school's nondiscrimination policy.

The three-member fraternity sued last year, saying UNC-CH had violated their constitutional rights to free speech, free assembly and free exercise of religion.

Recognition gives the fraternity access to student funds and university facilities.

The preliminary injunction put the Christian fraternity "on the same footing as nonreligious organizations which select their members on the basis of commitment ... ," Bullock wrote in an order issued Wednesday.

The merits of the case probably favor the fraternity, but the order is consistent with the university attorneys "current unofficial interpretation of their nondiscrimination policy," Bullock wrote.

The university's policy "raises significant constitutional concerns and could be violative of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution," he also wrote.

Attorneys for the fraternity were happy with the judges preliminary injunction.

Another case of a university preferring totalitarian techiniques vs. the US Constitution. Diversity is has it's place, but forcing one's views on a person to the point of forbidding them or interfering with their constitutional rights is not. Beyond that, universities lose depth and strength and potential when they force world views on people. Learning and critical thinking are not aided by forcing feeding in this way.

So maybe all of the other clubs on campus should just have a new rule that bans any member of this fraternity from participating.

Thus, the 3 fraternity members can stew in their own bigotry and would be forbidden from entering any other club.

It would be fair right? It's just freedom of association, right?
I think the founding father of our nation are rolling in their graves over the issues we face today. They couldn't have imagined where we are at. The perversion of our first amendment has turned into a pandora's box. Here is an invitation to my blog, I have a new post up that is on this very subject and how the AClU is the leader in it.
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