Monday, March 07, 2005


A Perspective on Love, Life, and Terri's Plight

This is a piece out of an essay written by J.B. Williams, and is something to think about in the struggle for Terri's life.

Meanwhile, Terri’s life remains of great value to those who have loved her since birth, those who never loved her for her outward beauty, her ability to cook and clean, to perform the expected duties of a wife. Those who simply loved her for who she was, their daughter, their friend, loved her for who she still is today in their hearts and minds.

I have now seen enough of the allegations concerning the husband’s questionable behavior throughout this affair. I have seen the medical report ordered by the court, and the review by independent physicians I trust personally.

This matter could not possibly be any more cut and dried than it is… To remove Terri’s feeding tube is no different than denying a plate of food to millions sitting in nursing homes across this country, just because they are physically unable to pick up a fork or spoon and feed themselves…or unable to swallow…

My father has Alzheimer’s and while he remains able to feed himself today, there well may come a day when he is not able to anymore. If and when that day comes, I will happily help him eat… When he no longer knows my name or my face, I will remind him daily. When he is no longer able to manage even restroom visits, I will gladly manage them for him, as he managed mine before I learned to manage them myself…

This is all a part of life…the caring for each other, those who represent great value in our lives.

To deny Terri’s parents the chance to care for her on the basis that her husband no longer has a use for her should not be a debate, it should be a crime…

This matter is just that simple… I stand for Terri, who still has great value in this world, who only requires love and care and basic nourishment to sustain life…all the same things you and I require… I fear what our society has become if we allow her to be starved to death… Who will be next?

At the end of the day, it seems to me that every life is precious to someone and it should be. We must respect every life, no matter how imperfect, or we will risk respecting none… Some things can be subjective… The value of life is not one of them!

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