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Prayer: Immoral and Un-American?

Ask the ACLU:

NEW ORLEANS—The ACLU has filed a motion for criminal contempt today against the Tangipahoa Parish School Board for defying an agreed on court order banning official prayer at athletic events. An individual identified as Shane Tycer delivered a pre-game prayer over the PA system on March 24 at a baseball game between Loranger High School and Sumner High School. This marks the second contempt motion filed against the school board within the past two weeks for transgressions of injunctions related to the original lawsuit.

“The defendant school board and its superintendent cannot get away with a shell game that mocks the judiciary and its role of interpreting and upholding the rule of law,” remarked Joe Cook, Executive Director, ACLU of Louisiana. “The actors in this matter deserve jail and/or fines for their calculated un-American and immoral conduct to embarrass, hinder or obstruct the court in the administration of justice. Such behavior mimics segregationists who defied the federal courts rather than integrate the schools in Louisiana and elsewhere.”


Religion is equated with segregationists and the evil of Jim Crow laws.

The desire for prayer is called un-American (although this denies the history of the country).

Worst of all, it's called immoral.

Think about it. Sounds like a clear declaration of war against the believing people in Louisiana to me.

Awesome post! Kender has one about this at his site on the same subject. We are gonna crosspost this real soon at our site. Can you believe this? Prayer immoral? Like they have a leg to stand on when speaking of morals! Sick! Makes me sick!
And they want these people arrested! Incredible! How terrible!
Theyy want them punished for violating a Court order, not for saying prayers. C'mon, that's pretty clear, I think.

What is it with some people's insistence on forceing prayers into schools? I just wrote about it--how about we institute WORK prayer? Everybody must start their day, or shift, with a mandatory prayer.

My question is: why do we want to mix the two, religion & education?

Don't the schools have enough to do, what with reading and all-- do the teachers also need to be preachers?

I can understand people's concerns about morality & ethics. I certainly have expressed my opinion about the crassness and immorality flooded upon us. I realize that the conservative/liberal divide on this issue would make it appear that I am taking the liberal point of view here. I dispute that.

As a conservative, I ask this-- why are we involving the government in something so personal as religious belief? What's wrong with having the family, or the church, temple, congregation, etc, carry the ball on this one? Why do the schools have to be the point-person on every issue? Where is the call for "personal responsibility" my fellow conservatives often enunciate?

I'm sorry, but I'll support starting each class with a prayer when we agree to start each church service with a trilateral equation.
It a "word ballet" to call praying people immoral. So what!! Even if they are breaking a court order, it is not immoral. When did a court order become moral dictate? Florida...Thursday March 31st, maybe? No wait...I remember the "rule of law/non-moral judgement" punditorials used to justify the killing of Terri Schiavo. The ACLU using that kind of language is a mockery. In fact they'd tout it as civil disobedience if the practice had any leftward leanings at all...

Ps. I had a few "immoral prayers" before I became an upright person. I'm glad the God I didn't listen to then, didn't listen to me then. :)
It seems like a pretty clear instance of enforcing the separation between church and state.

As for the history of the country, Franklin wasn't a Christian, Jefferson, and Washington also if I remember, subscribed to a religion called "Deism" created, I believe, by Tom Paine. Tom Paine's philosophies and intelligence began and fueled the revolution and are arguably the basis for the whole American system. And he despised Christianity because he saw it as a destructive, dividing force. Lincoln wasn't a Christian either.

So our greatest, most influential minds saw fit not only to avoid Christianity in their own lives, but to make a law keeping religion in general a private matter.

If you're refering to the fact that most Americans have been Christians, that's incidental. They've also been white but we don't legislate based on this (anymore.) There was no deliberate attempt by the founders to make America a Christian country, and a very deliberate attempt to keep religion of any kind from being favored by the state.

Christians want to be victims but they're not. It isn't that anyone is targeting you people, it's just that it's not 1910 anymore. Societies evolve. Nobody cares what Christians do. All anyone is saying is the general public doesn't have to pick up the tab for it. We don't have to finance Islamic functions either. That's how it should be.
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